Welcome to CLTMA

Charlotte Malayalee Association

The Charlotte Malayalee Association popularly known as “CLTMA”,is a non-profit, non-political, secular and cultural Organization striving to promote the heritage and culture of the Indian state of Kerala to the many hundreds of Keralite community residing in Charlotte and surrounding areas of North and South Carolina.

Charlotte Malayalee Association is the most prominent cultural Organization of the rapidly growing Malayalee community. The Charlotte Malayalee Association is proud to be an integral part of American community while cherishing its origin and heritage to Kerala, South India.

CLTMA, is a 509 (a) (2) Non-Profit Charity and Cultural Organization of people originally from Kerala, the ‘land of coconut palm trees’ since 2008.

We are committed to respond to the cultural and social needs of the Malayalee community and accordingly our programs are tailored to meet them. Our programs are attended by a wide spectrum of the community numbering in thousands. In addition, we also conduct events such as Onam, Christmas, Family Night, Bala Kalolsavam, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Family Picnic and other cultural shows and events. These events range from social networking events to social/cultural/artistic events with the aim of providing a stage for the community’s talents to perform and also meeting the various interests of the community. The contents of these programs are non-religious, non-political and non-controversial but have only the aim of spreading Kerala’s culture and heritage.

We are always at the forefront in offering help and assistance in times of humanitarian needs arising from unfortunate events whether natural or otherwise. We respond by engaging ourselves into fund raising activities and help support those important causes in order to alleviate financial or otherwise burden without any regard or consideration to nationality, religion, faith or belief of the affected.


CLTMA’s vision is to serve as a social and cultural organization for the Malayalee community of Charlotte and its suburbon’s by promoting and fostering inter-country relationships and goodwill in social and cultural areas.


CLTMA’s mission is to facilitate, organize, and conduct events and opportunities for the Malayalee’s of Charlotte, to promote social, cultural, and charitable causes that enrich relationships, create cultural awareness, and help drive a socially committed community.