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SHOW 2017

Charlotte Malayalee Association partnering with Tara Arts presented SHOW 2017 on Sunday October 1st  5.00 PM - 8.00 PM at the Porter Ridge High School Charlotte NC 28212.

The program included a variety of entertainment from Vineeth and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy and troupe comprising of more than 10 casts. Vineeth is an accomplished dancer, actor and ace choreographer, his work recently won the 2016 Kerala state award for best choreography. He has acted in many hit movies including Bhul Bhulaiya (Hindi), Kadal Desom (Tamil) and Nakhakshatangal (Malayalam) to name a few.  Lakshmi Gopalaswamy is a well known classical dancer and actress and she has won state awards in both Malayalam and Kannada. Her recent movie 'Kamboji' with Vineeth was critically acclaimed and won numerous awards. Sreejaya is a noted classical dancer and malayalam movie and television actress. The main stage event included several traditional and fusion group dance and musicals apart from short skits.

The event was attended by more than 300 families in and around the Charlotte area. Photos can be viewed under Galleries.