The CLTMA executive committee is headed by President, followed by Vice President, Secretary, Joint Secretary, and Treasurer. The committee is rounded up by an additional four to six executive members of which atleast one is an Youth. The executive committee members are elected annually during the Onam celebrations. CLTMA is proudly supported by the strong commitment of its members and friends.

Nomination Form and Bylaws

To nominate yourself or others, please complete the nomination form  under About CLTMA navigation and send it to A CLTMA executive Committee member will contact you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can fill out the form and hand it over to a CLTMA Committee member during any CLTMA event.

The CLTMA Bylaws can also be found under the About CLTMA navigation.



  • President - Shailesh Stephen

  • Vice President - Neenu Davies

  • Secretary - Vinu Haridas

  • Treasurer - Soumya Ramachandran

  • Joint Secretary - Unni Sreekumar

  • Joint Treasurer - Biju Nair

  • Executive Member 1 - Rajan Varghese

  • Executive Member 2 - Smitha Sukumaran

  • Executive Member 3 - Harikumar H

  • Youth Member (YuVA) TBD


  • President Sonia

  • Vice President Arun

  • Secretary Rajesh

  • Treasurer Sadanand

  • Joint Secretary Shailesh

  • Joint Treasurer Rence

  • Youth Member (YUVA) Paul

  • Executive Member One Shanil

  • Executive Member Two Rajan

  • Executive Member Three Soumya

  • Executive Member Four Roshin

  • Executive Member Five Vinu


  • President Sibi

  • Vice President Sonia

  • Secretary Linesh

  • Treasurer Sadanand

  • Joint Secretary Rajesh

  • Joint Treasurer Rence

  • Youth Member (YUVA) Maria

  • Executive Member One Ramesh

  • Executive Member Two Sona

  • Executive Member Three Tess

  • Executive Member Four Soorej

  • Executive Member Five Shanil


  • President Jyothi

  • Vice President Ramesh

  • Secretary Ninan

  • Treasurer Johnson

  • Joint Secretary Sanjay

  • Joint Treasurer Sadanand

  • Youth Member (YUVA) Liviya

  • Executive Member One Jeron

  • Executive Member Two Linesh

  • Executive Member Three Tess

  • Executive Member Four Sona

  • Executive Member Five Sibi


  • President Eldo

  • Vice President Jyothi

  • Secretary Arun

  • Treasurer Johnson

  • Joint Secretary George

  • Youth Member (YUVA) Liviya

  • Executive Member One Sujesh

  • Executive Member Two Sadanand

  • Executive Member Three Rema

  • Executive Member Four Sona

  • Executive Member Ninan


  • President Titus

  • Vice President Anish

  • Secretary Viji

  • Treasurer Ajay

  • Joint Secretary Jyothi

  • Joint Treasurer n/a

  • Youth Member (YUVA) Jayasree

  • Executive Member One Rema

  • Executive Member Two Rethesh

  • Executive Member Three Eldo

  • Executive Member Four Johnson

  • Executive Member Five Arun