The Malayalam learning program is hosted twice monthly, targeted toward the young kids (5+) of our community. The purpose of these classes are to enable the next generation who are born and brought up here in US, to read and write Malayalam and thereby opening the window to our culture and heritage. If you are interested in enrolling your children to the program or to find out more about this program, email 


The next session will begin on Jan 24 2018 7.00 - 7.40 pm and will continue bi-weekly after the break for summer till end of year.   



  • Year-round online teaching

  • 2 classes per month on Wednesday and Thursday evenings!

  • 40 minutes’ sessions

  • You just need a noise free room

  • A laptop or desktop with Wi-Fi connection, headphone/ear buds with microphone,

  • A notebook and pencil

  • Interactive learning with the aid of drawings, pictures, music, and videos. 

  • The fee starts at $50/child is valid for the whole session. See additional pricing details under FAQ's. CLTMA members can avail of discounted rates by entering membership email id as PROMO code while registering.




Is it free? What are the pricing options? 

Cltma members pay $50 for Level 1 and $75 for level 2 for the entire year. Non members pay $75 for Level 1 and $100 for Level 2 for the entire year. Spring session begins Jan 24th – May 25th and fall session (Aug 30th – Nov 17th). Classes in summer (June – August) are subject to availability of both faculty and students.

What is the duration of each class and how many classes per month?

Duration for each class is strictly 40 minutes. Classes will be held on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays of the week. If there are more kids, the slots and schedule will be revisited. Each kid will have 2 classes per month and these classes will be 13 days apart. Teachers will assess if the kid is a beginner (Level 1) or at next level (Level 2)

What is the starting age group?

School going kids who have the ability to write independently. 

How to take it online? What do we need?

We will be using free online app that is compatible on all operating systems. Step by step instructions on download and usage of the application will be shared with the registered families.